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Find out where to watch – Cruzeiro games


There are many ways to watch Cruzeiro games, whether live, online, on television or even on your cell phone. The question that many fans have at this time is: where to watch Cruzeiro games?

Cruzeiro is a Brazilian football team with more than 90 years of history and achievements that have transformed it into a great Brazilian champion.


This sporting institution aims to become the best team in Minas Gerais and take advantage of its position in Brazilian football to win national and international titles within this competition.

Within this objective, Cruzeiro has made an effort to prepare its players to achieve better performances in matches, from the coach and technical staff to the marketing team, which has provided a significant improvement in the games provided.
Currently, Cruzeiro competes in three different competitions during the year: Campeonato Mineiro, Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Brasileiro.

With these tournaments, time has sought to establish itself as one of the best football clubs in Brazil and also in South America.
For 2023, the team wants to be able to win the most important awards on the continent, also seeking a better position in the international club ranking

Where to watch the Cruzeiro Games?

Below, we will list the main ways to watch Cruzeiro games from the comfort of your home:
  1. Open and subscription TV

The channels Rede Globo, Rede Minas, Sportv and Fox Sports have broadcast rights to Cruzeiro games. Broadcasts are carried out on the main channel and also on Pay-Per-View, with live games and video highlights.


  1. BalloonPlay

Globo's service, called Globo Play, offers live and on-demand content. Here, fans will be able to watch Cruzeiro games at any time and from anywhere. The service can be purchased for a monthly fee, which varies from R$8,90 to R$49,90.

  1. Digital platforms

Digital platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook Watch, have the right to broadcast several Cruzeiro games. On these platforms, fans will be able to watch matches with quality audio and video. And, even better, it's free!

  1. Cruzeiro App

Cruzeiro's official app has become a great way to watch matches. In addition to offering a streaming service, the app also offers news, training videos, player information and behind-the-scenes information. All this in an easy and accessible way.

Now that we've shown you some options for watching Cruzeiro's games, be sure to take the opportunity to support this great moment. After all, it's always good to follow Cruzeiro – which is the pride of Brazilian football.

CONCLUSION: Cruise in 2023

Após um foríodo withicioso, o Cruzeiro appointmenta 2023 como um Both of you maiores teams do brail, bridgeallo which é canível alcançar objetivos de herea soustentável.

A herea de givesir o clube foi a chbird do sucesso, ao investir heartretamente em jocomes talentos e em lawadores expertfeeles, o clube withseguiu alcançar resultados incríveis which o withocplow entre os teams de ponta do foutdoorsbowl arm iro.

By tthigh isso, podemos afirmar which o Cruzeiro withseguiu athingir suas withas com êxito, o which resultou em um cenáriver de mfroma competitividade e mfromo otimism for o foutdoorsbowl arm iro.

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