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Where to watch the Copa do Brasil Quarterfinals


The Copa do Brasil is one of the most exciting championships in Brazilian football, and for fans who want to know Where to watch the Copa do Brasil Quarterfinals  They promise electrifying matches, see where to watch.

Confrontations, dates and times defined: Everything ready for the Quarter Finals


BHAIA vs. GRÊMIO – 04/07/2023 at 21:00 pm.

Live broadcast

   LIVE : SPORTTV    App pay-per-view Premiere


FLAMENGO vs. ATHLETICO-PR – 05/07/2023 MARACANÃ 21:30hrs

Live broadcast

   LIVE: REDE GLOBO and SPORTTV    App pay-per-view Premiere

SÃO PAULO vs. PALMEIRAS – 05/07/2023 MORUMBI 19:30 pm

Live broadcast



Live broadcast

   LIVE :  PREMIUM VIDEO     App pay-per-view Premiere

Where to watch the Copa do Brasil Quarterfinals

If you're eager to catch up on these crucial games, we've gathered information on where to watch them here.

Flamengo vs. Athletico Paranaense, two great teams will face each other in search of a place in the semifinals.

To watch this duel, fans can tune in to TV Globo, which holds the rights to broadcast the Copa do Brasil, or access the Globoplay website to watch the game live online. TV Globo, SporTV, Premiere and Prime Video

São Paulo vs. Palm trees promises a lot of rivalry and excitement on the field. Fans of these teams will be able to watch the game via their subscription channel Prime Video/ Amazon Prime Video, which also broadcasts the Copa do Brasil games.

América-MG vs Corinthians It will also be an unmissable clash. Fans can watch the game via TV Globo or through the subscription channel Premiere FC, which specializes in football broadcasts, allowing fans to watch the match from anywhere.

Bahia and Grêmio will bring more excitement to the quarterfinals. Fans will be able to follow the game on the SporTV subscription channel.

Furthermore, it is possible to use streaming services that offer broadcasting of the SportTV, as Globoplay or SporTV Play, Prime Video/ Amazon Prime Video, to watch the match online.

In short

The quarter-final games of the Copa do Brasil promise to be exciting and full of rivalry.

Fans can watch matches via TV Globo, through the channel SporTV, through streaming services such as Globoplay and SporTV Play, Premiere FC., or even through Prime Video.

Regardless of the team you support, get ready to cheer and cheer intensely during these crucial games in search of the Copa do Brasil title.

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